Welcome to Jessie's Closet!


There are Many Ways to Spend Your Time . . .

One of the most fulfilling uses of time is to spend it helping others!  The children that are served by Jessie's Closet are among the most vulnerable in our community.  They have done nothing to bring about their situation and are often confused about what is happening to them.  They really need your help!

Here are just a few of the volunteer positions that we presently have available:

Initial Clothing Processor - Takes collected, used clothing and inspects each garment for quality.  Washes each in allergy-free detergent and dries clothing.  Volunteers use their own equipment and supplies at their own expense.

Final Clothing Processor - After clothing has been washed and dried, the Final Clothing Processor irons and hangs or folds the garment to be added to the closet's inventory.

Merchandiser - Organizes the closet into a store-like atmosphere, grouping by size, gender, style, etc.  Maintains a professional look to the closet at all times.

Inventory Specialist - Maintains the inventory of a selected department of the closet, updates it with new arrivals and those items that are taken, and communicates with the Director any possible shortages or area of high need.

MyBag Manufacturer - Makes new MyBags from material, sewing and finishing, to be filled at a later time from established pattern.  Must have own sewing machine and basic supplies.  Fabric and cording may be provided.

MyBag Assembler - Assembles MyBags according to age and gender (as necessary).  This task is completed at Jessie's Closet using donated supplies.

Closet Host/Hostess - Assists families in selecting clothing, completes the transaction between the Closet and the family to ensure proper donation receipt is issued and inventory adjustments can be made.  May be asked to open Jessie's Closet at unusual hours.

Donation Runner - Picks up donations from businesses or residents and brings donations to Jessie's Closet.  Acts as an ambassador for the Closet while performing duties.

On-Call Delivery - May be asked to deliver MyBag and possibly emergency clothing to a new foster child.  Must have own transportation and be willing to deliver nearly any time of the day or night on very short notice.  On-call volunteers are not expected to be on-call at all times, but may be asked to be on-call a minimum of once weekly.

Jessie's Closet Ambassador - Helps promote Jessie's Closet in the community through special events; actively seeks out opportunities to promote the needs and accomplishments and tell the stories about impacted lives, sharing research and bringing ideas to the Director.

Administrative Specialist - Works on any administrative needs that must be handled by Jessie's Closet, including letter and newsletter preparation and mailing, research, etc.

Fundraising Champion - Actively seeks new funding sources and community partners who will help either financially or by coordinating clothing or other needs-based drive at a workplace, church, etc. 

Child-Care Assistant - Helps at Jessie's Closet-hosted foster parent training sessions by assisting with child care while the foster parents are in class.

Festival Assistant - Helps out with Jessie's Closet Festivals for foster families, which could include a wide variety of tasks from checking families into the event, helping with food service, operating an informational or game booth, etc.

General Assistant - Does whatever else might need to be completed, from helping prepare the grounds for a festival to filling in as needed, where needed . . . could be anything you are willing to take on to help the kids!

Volunteer Requirements . . . 

1. ALL Volunteers are REQUIRED to complete a Volunteer Application.

2. All volunteers who will work with direct access to any child must successfully pass a background check in accordance with the policies and procedures of Desert Grace Community Church of the Nazarene.  Desert Grace conducts each background check and has the final say as to the acceptability of any volunteer candidate.  (Note: Religious affiliation or lack thereof does not disqualify anyone from volunteering at Jessie's Closet.)

3. Volunteers must be willing to abide by basic standards of behavior at all times when representing Jessie's Closet.  For example:
    -Must be courteous at all times to clients and fellow team members
    -Must refrain from gossip or negative talk regarding ANY matter
    -Must always hold the mission and vision of Jessie's Closet in the highest esteem
    -Must exhibit the highest caliber of integrity
    -Must always speak highly of both a child's biological and foster parents, as well as Child Protective Services and its staff.

4.  Volunteers must be willing to attend initial training, as well as ongoing volunteer meetings.

5.  Volunteers whose roles require them to be present inside Jessie's Closet's main "store" space must be able to climb stairs, since it is located on the second floor of a building without an elevator or lift.

Download a Volunteer Application HERE (Coming Soon)

YOU CAN PARTNER WITH US! Please help by volunteering today!

Jessie's Closet is located on the second floor of Desert Grace Community Church of the Nazarene in the Foothills.  Donations can be dropped off at 12134 N. Frontage Rd., Yuma, AZ 85367.  For information, call (928) 769-4004 or email us at info@jessiescloset.org.