Welcome to Jessie's Closet!

For Foster Parents

How Can I Access Jessie's Closet?

For Urgent Clothing Needs or for a MyBag, please contact the Desert Grace Community Church office at (928) 305-1132.

To be eligible to use Jessie's Closet, you must show a "Notice to Provider" for each child that you seek to resource. 

Each child is eligible for up to 15 items at a time, and a requested donation of $1 per item will help us to maintain and improve our service.  Please note that we do reserve the right to impose additional limits if necessary.

For ongoing clothing needs, take advantage of an exchange at one of our Foster Care Festivals.

How Does a Clothing Exchange Work?

It's simple, really.  You bring in good, gently used clothing that you want to exchange with others - typically sizes of clothes that you no longer need, or a gender that you are not currently caring for in your home.  (Like if you have taken care of boys and now have girls.)  For each good quality item you bring, you will receive a ticket that will allow you to exchange for another item from the exchange area.  Tickets will not be accepted within Jessie's Closet main "store" unless you bring NEW items (tags attached) to exchange.

There is no limit to the number of clothes that you can bring to the exchange, but we do ask that any clothing that does not meet our standard be taken home with you; and that you recognize that we cannot ensure that you will be able to exchange all of your items for another size or style.  There may be additional exchange clothing that has been donated, meaning that we may offer the opportunity to purchase additional exchanges at $1 each; thereby giving the opportunity for those who may not have anything to exchange or who may need additional items to participate.

We highly recommend bringing the clothes that you want to exchange no later than five days before the event.  This allows us time to sort and organize clothing before the day of the event.

You may NOT exchange underwear, socks, or bathing suits.

There is no admission cost or other fee to participate in the exchange other than described above.

Jessie's Closet is located on the second floor of Desert Grace Community Church of the Nazarene in the Foothills.   12134 N. Frontage Rd., Yuma, AZ 85367.  For information, call (928) 305-1132 or email us at