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   You'll find us at 2301 S. Avenue A in Yuma ... in a great new location!
   Coming Soon: A new way to help Foster Kids via a Thrift Shop!

   We are now certified through the State of Arizona as a "Qualified Foster
   Care Organization" and can receive your tax credit donation!

There are more than 14,000 children in Foster Care in Arizona . . .

    What happens when they arrive in a new home with NOTHING?

Most foster children have no idea why they are in care . . . all they know is that they have just lost everything they know and love, and that there are more questions than answers.  Generally, they leave wherever they have called home with few clothes, toys, or other possessions and are dropped into a new home where they know nothing about how "life" works in this new place.

Few adults could handle such a change!  Yet everyday children in our own community must learn how to cope in this very situation as they are placed into foster homes, guided in this matter as best as a foster parent knows how.

What can WE do that would support both the foster children and the foster parents? 

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Jessie's Closet aims to partner with foster parents on behalf of children in our community!

Our goal is to be a resource to foster parents for children in our community.  By providing for some of these immediate needs when children come into care, we hope to help ease the transition and bring peace and comfort into a foster child's life.

Would you join together with us to meet this incredible need in the life of a child?

YOU CAN PARTNER WITH US! Donate or Volunteer today!
Or, if it is a good fit for your family, consider becoming a foster parent yourself!  The need is great!

Jessie's Closet is located at 2301 S. Avenue A in Yuma.  Donations can be dropped off at the Closet or at Desert Grace Community Church of the Nazarene, 12134 N. Frontage Rd., Yuma, AZ 85367.  For information, call (928) 769-4004 or email us at info@jessiescloset.org.

The backup for the statements made about the AZ-DES financial reimbursement for foster care can be viewed at their website: